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diamond and gold second hand rings

Find out about refunds and returns, buying online, ring resizing and second hand rings.


Refunds & Returns

You can return the ring within 7 days of purchase if you have bought the wrong ring, or you don’t love it as much as you thought you would. Our jeweller will inspect it when we get it back from you, then we’ll provide a swap or refund. For postage returns shipping, insurance and all other costs will be your responsibility.

Buying Online

When you purchase online, your ring will be posted out to you on the next working day after your funds clear. We will advise you of postage costs prior to purchase, as tracking and insurance requirements may change depending on the value of the ring. Some countries will charge you additional tax / duty as your ring goes through customs. You will need to pay all additional charges of tax, delivery, insurance etc. It is your responsibility to find out what additional charges you may incur bringing the ring into your country.

Ring Resizing

Resizing in the buyers responsibility, after the purchase. At times there will rings in our collection that will only be able to go up or down a few sizes due to the setting. We will let you know if the one you are buying is one of these. We will pass on the details of the Manufacturing Jeweller we work with.

Second Hand Rings

As our rings are second-hand there may be some visible wear and tear. We'll discuss this with you if this is applicable to the ring you're interested in.

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