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When you are shopping for second-hand rings we understand it is important to be able to trust what you are buying. Here at Gem Culture we work closely with a Manufacturing Jeweller and a Valuer, giving well over 60 years of experience in the jewellery industry. It means you can trust the rings we bring to you. Your peace of mind is important to us.

Our rings are solid gold, we don’t sell any that are gold plated. When we list a ring with a Diamond, you can depend on us that it is in fact a Diamond.

Buying from Gem Culture takes the risk out of buying second-hand rings.


When a ring comes into our Collection, it goes into the Manufacturing Jewellers to be cleaned, polished, the settings are checked and tightened if needed. Our rings come out looking new - the gold is shiny and the stones are clean! 


Our rings then go off to our Valuer and we decide if the ring is to be valued. Rings worth more than $2,000 (or $1,000 our price!) then go in to have a Valuation completed. These rings then come with a professional Valuation which is available for viewing prior to the purchase and then provided with the purchase. It has all the information you’ll need to know about your ring. For example;

  • Company who provided the valuation, the reference number specific to this ring and the date it was completed

  • Number of gems, what are they, their dimension and how much they weigh

  • If they show fluorescence (yes, some stones show different colours under different light!)

  • Carat of gold and if it is White, Yellow or Rose or even Platinum or Palladium!

  • Hallmarks - stamps inside of the band indicating where or when it was made

  • Is the ring hand made or perhaps even CAD designed

  • Total weight of the ring

  • Condition of the ring i.e.  did they see any loose stones or visible wear and tear

  • The total insurable value

  • The price of gold on the day

  • Photos of the ring

For those rings not valued, an estimate is provided by the valuer and that's how we work out how much to sell it for. Our rings are sold for half the price!

If you buy a ring from us that does not come with a Valuation, we can easily organise one for you for $95.

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