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Gem Culture is a business that was born out of my personal journey to find an affordable Emerald ring for my 50th birthday. Faced with the high cost of a new ring, I turned to thrift shopping to see if I could find a second-hand version of the ring I had hoped for. While I didn't find that exact Emerald ring I had pictured, I discovered a wide range of beautiful rings at a fraction of the price they would cost new. This discovery led to the idea of creating a business that offers second-hand rings to others who appreciate the value of pre-owned jewellery.

My husband played a significant role in encouraging me to turn my love for rings and thrift shopping into a business opportunity, and I took his advice to heart. I started by purchasing a handful of second-hand rings and showing them to potential customers. As I sold these rings, I bought more, and this is how the story has continued.

One key aspect of Gem Culture is that I only purchase the rings that I love. Every time you pick one up and tell me it’s so gorgeous and how much you love it, I’ll agree it’s gorgeous and tell you I love it too. Every single time. Because I do. My commitment to selling rings I genuinely adore creates a unique and personal touch in my business.

The pricing strategy of offering the rings at half the price reflects my love for a good bargain and the desire to provide exceptional value to my customers. This approach has resonated with my clients who appreciate quality jewellery without the high price tag.

While Gem Culture primarily focuses on second-hand rings, at times I have expanded our offerings by creating new rings with repurposed gems. This allows gems to have a new life in a ring, which aligns with the sustainability and eco-friendly trends in the jewellery industry.

We meet the demand when you’re buying second-hand rings in New Zealand. Our clients recognise the value we provide and appreciate the affordability of our offerings. Gem Culture has become a go-to place for those seeking beautiful and affordable rings with a personal touch.

We look forward to having you as a valued client.


Owner – Rachel Bussenschutt

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Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


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